Northern Europe, especially Estonia and Finland, has very clear business regulations and setting up a business and running your errands here is easy. We offer you our network of contacts with public authorities and service providers to make it even easier.

Our extended network of contacts with public authorities and service providers in the private sector simplify everything involved in starting up a business. Launching your new operation on schedule is important to your success.

The advice we give is pragmatic and practical. You will profit from our long experience with solving a wide variety of problems and issues facing companies both operating in the area, or those about to enter it.

Your business operations will be set up quickly and without any hassle. With us, you have the time to focus on your core priorities, reduce overheads, and keep the risks of hiring locally in check.

Focus on growing your business – you can rely on us for reliable business process outsourcing/BPO.

– Relevant information for fact-based decision making

At the business planning stage data collection is essential but time consuming. There’s no need to tie up your resources – let us help you.

– Solutions for your business needs

Looking for growth for your business? Use our advisory services to ensure that you will be well positioned when you decide to make your move. Our professional advisors will be an extra resource for your business development team, providing valuable assistance and in-depth market know-how.

– Let us open the doors for you.

One area in which our performance is considered particularly good is networking between private companies, the public sector and educational institutions. We can introduce you to the players who will be important for your business. We have the knowledge and the contacts – and will be happy to both organise and accompany you on fact-finding missions to all the key players.

– Evaluating most suitable market entry strategies

Localising your business plan requires careful evaluation of potential entry alternatives. Our fact-based advisory services provide extensive guidance on market entry strategy. We can answer your questions regarding the requirements for different types of business entities, registration, and how the taxation systems work in various places. With a concrete entry plan in place, decisions on how to proceed are uncomplicated.



We’re here to help answer your questions. Our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our expertise to aid you and look forward to hearing from you.