Trondecom helps Middle East investors enter Scandinavian and Baltic markets and find the best ways to utilise the possibilities available to them. We guide investors through all the essential administrative and legal procedures that involve a project; we also support firms that are already active in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. We provide rapid access to the complex information relating to legal and business matters regarding investments, and help in finding appropriate partners and suppliers, together with new locations.

We offer potential investors detailed information about Scandinavian (and Baltic state) economic and business environment:

  • Main economic indicators;
  • Facts and clarifications on destination business rules and regulations;
  • How to establish and run a business in Scandinavia or the Baltic states;
  • Information on business opportunities in key sectors in Scandinavia and the Baltic states..

– Relevant information for fact-based decision making

Use our advisory services to ensure that you will be well positioned when you decide to make your move.

We offer our assistance in introducing you to:

  • Local companies in your sector and relevant industry associations
  • Research institutions;
  • Service providers, such as HR companies, real estate brokers, law offices, etc;
  • Relevant ministries and government agencies.

Assistance in obtaining financial support from local authorities.

Instead of waiting for investors to seek assistance, our team reaches out to discuss value propositions and resolve business-related concerns.



We’re here to help answer your questions. Our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our expertise to aid you and look forward to hearing from you.